Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” What I am listening to on 02/13/2016


Artist: Peter Gabriel

Song: “Sledgehammer”

Album: So (1986)

Peter Gabriel’s solo career has given us some incredible music over the years. Earlier I wrote a piece on his masterful “Shock The Monkey.” Today I’m going back to him and covering “Sledgehammer.”

“You can have a steam train, if you just lay down your tracks.”


“You can have a big dipper, goin up and down and around the bends.”

Gabriel and his bumper car pals!

This is a fun, upbeat, quirky song with a quirkier video that had to be included in this ongoing ‘What I’m Listening To’ series.

5 thoughts on “Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” What I am listening to on 02/13/2016

    1. Look into the rest of the tracks on his ‘So’ album. Also check out his entire discography as a solo artist. He’s a international treasure.

      Now, if you are into Progressive rock, which I am not a fan of, but I respect the genre: check into Genesis when he was the lead in the early 1970s.

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comment. Be well, Andrew.

      -Brandon C. Hovey


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