What I’m Listening to on 02/13/2016″Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future”

As you have figured out by now I am a fan of Mike Doughty and his music. Check out these few songs right here. As I said he could score a spy movie. This song in particular I could easily feature in a soundtrack for one of my own works or their film adaptations.

Artist/Composer: Mike Doughty

Song: “Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future”

Album: Stellar Motel (2014)

“I was in many minds, I was in an airport bookstore…”

This imagery of airport bookstores evokes travelling.

“Left the suitcase on the fourth floor”

Travelling and suitcases to me with the cryptic lyrics suggest hidden messages, secret communiques, and possibly espionage.


“Light will keep your heart beating in the future…”


What could that light or this light be. In terms of spies, I think of political idealogues that could be recruited by their agencies. In the case of the cold war: patriots or proletariat.





Lastly, here’s a live version of the song:




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