The Nameless Mod, A Love Letter To DeusEx

Game: The Nameless Mod (2009)

A total conversion for Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (2000)

Developer: Off-Topic Productions

Publisher: Off-Topic Productions



Numerous Gameplay Videos Here:

Author’s Note: This is not the first DeusEx mod I have reviewed. Check out 2027.

Background: Now and then we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in games that leave long lasting impressions through immersive storytelling, good mechanics, and captivating environments. These are the games that become classics. Furthermore, these are the games that stick to our minds like a gum that never loses its flavor. These games are Deus Ex, Perfect Dark, System Shock, Metal Gear Solid, and so many others. The Nameless Mod is a love letter to Deus Ex: The Conspiracy and several of the above-mentioned games. Sometimes it seemed intentional in the case of Deus Ex, and at other points it seemed varying on intentional or unintentional.

This woman is a Friend or a Foe, contingent on your faction (questline)


The Story Without Too Many Spoilers: This mod centers on Forum City. Forum City is a internet forum, and a city scape that would not be too far from one in Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. However, instead of J.C. Denton, a genetically augmented law enforcement officer who uncovers a dark conspiracy, you play as Trestkon. Trestkon is a mercenary (commando/investigator) who returns from a two year absence from Forum City to assist in locating a missing person: Deus Diablo, a moderator of Forum City.

Trestkon has a choice in his allies and like J.C. Denton he can chose to end the story in several ways. Most recently I completed this mod for the first time and succeeded in winning the Aunt Betty Industries ending. Funny name, right? Well I likely forgot to mention that The Nameless Mod is as much of a comedy in its own right along with being a celebration of Deus Ex.

Similar to DeusEx, yet quite different.



The Humor: There’s a lot of slapstick humor here. There’s some dry stuff as well. Think Mel Brooks type stuff a la Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, and To Be Or Not To Be! This is good fun. Where else can you have rocket powered roller skates, or a gun that shoots a PHAT Ray. Also you have a goat cult and a Llama cult. I know you want some context at this point, but in some senses it may be better if you just play this game and have a try. You won’t regret it. Especially with the endings you have available to you.

The factions are humorous pastiches of themselves too. A few of them are worth noting. You have a soft, yet totalitarian government, a megacorporation with megacorporation clichés from both the real world and certain cyberpunk tales.

The Music: The soundtrack sets the stage for this high adventure with humor. I am including a link to the original soundtrack here on YouTube, and should you so chose to support the artist visit this page here to buy the songs. Support people who build art, by purchasing their art.

A major battle at the end.
A nefarious hacker depending on the side you choose.

PDX/Aunt Betty Industries Ending: PDX is essentially a government intelligence group. I played allied with them as I seemed to relate to the characters who allied with them from the get go. All-in-all I enjoyed this. However, I also liked the idea of Forum City entering a dark age for it to reorganize and rebuild so I followed the Aunt Betty Industries ending protocol. I decided to pursue the WorldCorp ending as well. After all, this is a good, solid game.

WorldCorp Questline: I found this to be a miserably hard storyline. This TC is already difficult by nature. Frankly, you need to have a stealth oriented character and use stealth tactics to achieve anything of note in this questline as you are going up against the government (PDX) and DXO which are more powerful than the character at the start of the game. I recommend you bring plenty of patience as well.

Since I finally beat this mod I didn’t bother continuing with the WorldCorp quests. If you chose this route and completed it successfully, I have much respect for you.

The Weapons: The team at Off Topic Productions enhanced an existing game with their additional weapons that are numerous, there’s too many to name. However, I love the addition of EMP rockets, an EMP handgun, and the unique silenced sniper rifle that an ally or enemy carries in this wonderful total conversion for DeusEx.

Final Analysis: If you enjoy classic games, especially classic role playing games and the titles I listed above, The Nameless Mod is a title for you. If you love Deus Ex and it’s other incredible mods this is for you. If you just love gaming and immersive single-player experiences this is certainly for you. God bless Off Topic Productions for an incredible experience for gamers who want details and an experience that will remain etched within their minds for the rest of their years. This is a compelling work of art with humor, a thrilling story, and it was executed brilliantly!


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