A Tale of Two Bechamel Sauces

Amanda and her dad did some cooking this morning. They made some bechamel sauces. Bechamel sauce is one of the mother sauces in French cuisine.Here is an article that can explain how Bechamel sauce came to be. Amanda and her dad each made a dish with bechamel sauce


One dish had Bechamel sauce over a slice of whole wheat bread topped with chicken chunks and bamboo shoots. This was made by Amanda’s Dad, Phillip Novak. Philip’s recipe was from AllRecipes.com Amanda made penne pasta and had used a recipe from Epicurious. These were gorgeous meals that served as a great lunch.

Amanda’s dish is in the square plate. Phillip’s dish is in the round plate.

Amanda’s bechamel sauce was more cheddar forward, but it had the classic flavors of this sauce. Phillip’s sauce was a more classic attempt at the sauce with delicate flavors. Phillip did not use cheese at all. I’m looking forward to them making more meals with excellent French mother sauces.


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