Leinenkugel’s India Pale Lager, Amanda and I take on this delicious lager with IPA leanings

Beer: India Pale Lager

Abv: 6.00%

Brewery: Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

Serving Method: Bottle poured into two pint glasses

Country of Origin: United States of America (Wisconsin)

Beer Style: India Pale Lager

Background: I have been on a Leinenkugel’s kick lately. You can see prior posts about their Bavarian Dunkel, Creamy Dark, and the beer that made them famous. This is a beer that produces high quality beer and offers it to the customer at a lower price than most breweries of their caliber.


Taste & Aroma: A piney resin was present in the nose. A walk in the woods is coming to mind. The flavor is of grapefruit at the start, and a little bit of pineapple in the middle, the finish is of a small, yet lingering hop bite. it is a good beer.

Amanda’s Thoughts: “Yes, it has hops. But, it is not to where it is too much.”

Final Analysis: This beer is another good reason to drink Leinenkugel’s that incredible export from Wisconsin.

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