DeusEx Nihilum, A Wonderful Companion Campaign to DeusEx:The Conspiracy


Game: DeusEx Nihilum (2013), A total conversion for DeusEx: The Conspiracy (2001)

Developer: Fast Gamerr a.k.a Nikumbeki

Publisher: Fast Gamerr, a.k.a Nikumbeki

Composer: RetroXor


Author’s Note: [Some Spoilers]

It is time to jump down the Shaft into the shadowy world of DeusEx, a world where much like ours there are conspiracies, coups, security crisises, and corruption afoot. This is a world where double agents are commonplace, and investigators are oftentimes themselves being investigated. One such investigator is Special Agent Mad Ingram, formerly of the NYPD. Ingram is a tough cop, but he has a soft spot for ham sandwiches.


Ingram  is sent on investigative missions. In the course of his raiding industrial facilities, and performing high risk warrant serves he battles Chinese triads, mercenaries from all over the world, and the occasional gangster. Fast Gamerr is the author of many famous mods in gaming: TODOA for Jedi Knight (1997), and others. If you have not enjoyed his work before you are missing out on some of the best stuff in user made total conversions.

Fast Gamerr told a wonderful tale in the DeusEx universe with a great environment and level design, great weapons, and the score for this mod.

Here are some videos to set the stage for this review. Fast Gamerr did a brilliant job with his compositions.

The Music: The above video shows that the music for this mod was inspired by the original’s soundtrack. Frankly, most of these tracks are professional grade. I thought I was playing a commercial game just from the opening track. The top video should assist with getting the same impression I had, but if you need more proof, the second video should suffice. RetroXor did a fabulous job!

The Environment & Level Design: There are industrial facilities, secret bases, and cityscapes. All of these are expected in a DeusEx tale. FastGamerr’s DeusEx Nilhilum is so much better than the recent DeusEx incarnation released by Square Einix. Why? For one, there is more than one hub! There is Hong Kong, Berlin, New York City (Queens), and other exciting locales for the player to explore. You must explore, after all it is DeusEx.


Our ham sandwich loving protagonist!


My favorite area in the game were the New York City sections. This was a brief romp through the city, however it felt gritty and edgy just like the Hell’s Kitchen levels in the original game. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore. And here you fight a local Zyme gang to discover the truth about Mad Ingram.

The Weapons: FastGamerr filled some of the gaps the developers had in the original game. He included an EMP weapon that knocks bots out just as good as the GEP gun. A Gauss Gun!


He also provided a belt fed light machine gun and a submachine gun as well with a built in optic. My favorite weapons were the belt fed machine gun and the Walther P99 handgun.  My only criticism is the silly six round capacity leftover from the DeusEx designers. I highly doubt Mad Ingram would carry a California Compliant abomination. If he’s only going to have six rounds give him a Colt Python in .357 Magnum or a S&W Model 29 in .44 Magnum/.44 Special.

The Belt Fed Machine Gun


Mad Ingram: The main character is funny, smart, and he’s definitely equipped with a strong personality. You’ll enjoy his one liners and quips

Final Analysis: This is one of the best Deus Ex mods out there and all in all, if you don’t play it soon you’ll be missing out on another excellent mod like TNM, that I reviewed recently. 



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