SilverSpook’s Terminus Machina


Game: Terminus Machina (2013)

Deus Ex (2000)

Developer: SilverSpook

Publisher: SilverSpook

Author’s Note: No images are my own. Images sourced from Moddb.

Background: This is one of those total conversions that completely changes the game much like The Nameless Mod. This is also one of the hardest ones as the gameplay has shifted considerably from the origianal’s as crafting is introduced.This is a mod which takes some getting used to as survival elements are thrown in as well. Terminus Machina is a challenging mod and therefore you need to allow yourself some time to get used to it.

As a hacktivist for the HexGen network you have a lot to do to defend freedom and stop a totalitarian government from retaining control any longer.

Crafting & Survival Elements: This is where things completely change from DeusEx. When you start the game you discover you are starving. a meter for your calories appears next to your bioelectric energy. Its time to eat right away, so finding food becomes priority number one. You can find food in the main quests, but you can also find food in sidequests as well that you will want to take on.

When it comes to crafting, you can make things out of wire, fabrics, nails, and wood. Trenchcoats that JC Denton wears in the original game are now augmentations in Terminus Machina. Some citizens of the game’s world will need their equipment repaired. You can fix these pieces of equipment should you choose to do so.

Neofeud: Terminus Machina is a fine mod, however SilverSpook’s latest project that is soon to be released is one you need to anticipate being an incredible game. Neofeud is likely going to be released next month and it promises to be an incredible game. I voice acted in it so I am biased.

Final Analysis: SilverSpook knows what he is doing when he makes immersive games. Terminus Machina is more difficult than most of these other mods I reviewed, but that is largely because it is so different than the others and this removes it far from the original DeusEx it is a game that is more focused on its other elements than its combat. Once you learn how to play Terminus Machina, you’ll enjoy it.


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