Tangled Up In Blue

For Valentine’s Day, Amanda gave me three science fiction novels. One of them is Tangled Up In Blue by Joan D.Vinge. It was a fun read.

Tangled Up In Blue 

Author: Joan D. Vinge

Publisher: Tor Books

293 Pages


This is a good science fiction police story in the gritty world of Tiamat. Tiamat is the setting for Vinge’s Hugo Award winning work: The Snow Queen. This planet’s capital is called Carbuncle, and Carbuncle like any city suffers from crime. This city is patrolled by a police force nicknamed the ‘Blues.’

After a few police officers go on an off duty unsanctioned vigilante raid, the story gets interesting. I don’t want to give any spoilers away. This book is an underrated one, frankly you need to pick it up and see for yourself. I don’t wish to share too much of it other than it is a good cop novel set in a science fiction universe.

This science fiction piece with elements of mystery has piqued my interest in her earlier titles: The Snow Queen and her Psion Trilogy.

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