Westrock’s Rwanda Select Reserve Single Origin Blend: The Bedrock


I have enjoyed the products of Westrock Coffee for a while now. I have had most of their coffees via the Keurig brewing system. They’ve been delicious. Now I’m excited as I get to try them via grounds and whole bean, and brew them with my French press. Their Rwanda Select Reserve is a coffee that loves the French press. Let’s talk about how amazing it is!

The bag these grounds come in say it is Rich and Robust. That is the complete truth. You’ll enjoy this dark roast without any doubt from me. The smoky and woody aroma greets any coffee enthusiast warmly! The lemony citrus flavor with a woody ‘cedar-like’ finish is a pure delight. This coffee is worthy of being served at a banquet or perhaps a special occasion. Westrock coffee should be the new standard: the bedrock for quality coffee.

Drink Westrock Coffee.

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