DJ Mike on the Mic…

Here’s a good story about Tazewell County’s best candidate for sheriff.

Eeten for Sheriff

Most teenage kids have jobs in high school working fast food, some do grunt work, and some mow yards. I certainly mowed many yards, but I also was an on-air radio announcer at the age of 16. That’s right….I was a radio announcer for WCIC Radio at 91.5fm. I did not even bother to tell kids at school because I knew that they would not believe me. And besides, I was very shy and did not talk much in high school. (I know that is hard to believe…more about that in another post.) I started working on air when when we were playing what were called “carts”. They looked a lot like 8 track tapes. There was a wall full of them and a stack of players that we would put them in. We also still “cut tape” in those days. We did not have a computer program to edit…

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