What I’m Listening To On 02/26/2017: Miike Snow’s ‘Genghis Khan’

“I get a little bit Genghis Khan..”


This showed up in my spotify discover playlist. And this is one catchy tune from Swedish group, Miike Snow.

Song: “Genghis Khan”

Album: iii

Label: Downtown, Atlantic Records

Composer: Henrik Jonback, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, and Andrew Wyatt


As I revealed in an early post, I adore history. At first I was not sure what to expect from “Genghis Khan.” I learned swiftly that this is one catchy tune.

“Oooh, I wanna make up my mind, but I don’t know myself.”

The Mongol Empire and its splinter states.

This song is about a jealous lover or husband in a romantic relationship. Getting a little bit like Genghis Khan is not a good way to be in a relationship. Temujin Tantrums don’t solve anything. He conquered much of Asia. It is certainly entertaining. And the lyrics fit like a glove concerning the catchy melody.


Genghis Khan’s lust for war is one of the reasons why one of my wife’s ancestral peoples had the largest aristocracy. They were all peers of their realm after fighting off Mongol hordes.

The Battle of Legnica

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