John Wick, An Incredible Film

John Wick is an incredible film. It is a spaghetti western set in modern time. We don’t know much about Wick other than he has been recently widowed. We know that he has left his old profession to retire and live a respectable life. However those dreams have been wrecked through a number a ways. The people who wrecked those dreams are soon to find out that what goes around comes around. And if you awaken a sleeping dragon you are bound to be incinerated. After all, Wick is the man you send to take care of the boogeyman.


The rain in the begining was remincent of Kurosawa and Blade Runner. Wick’s world is dark, moody, and without joy. His wife died, his dog has been killed. His few friends are more so allies in the same lonely profession where those who live by the sword die by the sword. Due to events he is forced back into his profession.


The most interesting setting in this film to me was The Continental. This is a freemasonry for people of Wick’s profession. Men and women can use it as a base of operations, safehouse, place of lodging, and nightclub as long as they don’t engage in business within its campus. Otherwise, they are fine to plan and plot their deeds their but they cannot take action against others there. Otherwise, your membership gets revoked in quite a permanent fashion as one of Wick’s enemies discovers.

John Wick is definitely a weapons expert, and a talented martial artist. He uses firearms and edged weapons. Switchblades, Glocks, H&Ks, he uses them all. If you want a movie with action, a interesting, but not too deep of a story consider John Wick. This is a movie worth seeing.

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