John Wick Chapter 2, A Worthy Sequel

Author’s Note: No Images Are My Own. Some Spoilers Ahead



John Wick Chapter 2 is a film you must see if you have not had the opportunity to  yet. This is a continuation of Wick’s turbulent and bloody saga from Chapter 1. He avenges his dog in volume one. In this film he recovers his car and that is a shortlived triumph. He is called out with a ‘marker’ and thus he is called upon to do a job by an Italian crimelord.


This Marker was a fascinating plot  device. It reminded me of the Black Spot from my favorite book and the first real book I ever read: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. This is a sense the ultimate punishment from the pirates however, for this shadowy guild of assassins it is more or less a ‘do or die’ warning. Wick refuses as he still wishes to clutch on to retirement. I cannot blame him. However due to a series of home fires he’s back at work.

He gets himself organized and heads to Rome where under the tuteledge of a tailor and armorer, Wick is kitted up as well as Bond via Boothroyd (Q to those of you who never read the books by Ian Fleming). Armed with custom Glocks that are really their own entity to a point in both price range and components, and heavier stuff he attempts his mission. He discovers though that his boss has no concept of employee loyalty. A contract for 7 million is Wick’s severance package, and a price on your head would be looked down by other HR departments.

The atmospheres in this film are brilliant. Rome was a lovely choice. New York City feels like it should: mean and large, and the Continental lodges feel like enclaves of a shadowy organization. A Freemasonry of assassins.


The ending of the film has Wick defeating his enemy. Doing so he breaks the rule of the organization. He has been excommunicated. The world of assassins is now against him. He runs away from the city park in manhattan to escape the horde waiting for his head start to end. He runs away with his new dog, a pitbull. It reminded me of Harlan Ellison’s stories A Boy And His Dog!


The set is stage for John Wick Chapter 3, at the end of this film. Wick is now at war with his world. The world that he was tired of is now back and revived in his reality. He wants to leave, but now that time has past. The people sent to kill him he tells Winston who is about to excommunicate him and create this new death warrant will all die one by one. Winston doesn’t want to do this, you can tell. But he has too, they’re bound by rules.

Hopefully the third chapter of this true action movie will come soon.


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