Zaghis IL Tiramisu, A Unique Tiramisu


I love Tiramisu. My wife’s tiramisu is the best. A bakery that is no longer under the ownership of its founders in my region made the best triamisu. but, alas the new owners don’t know tiramisu. Amanda and I found this at a local market in our area today and lingering, nagging, and persistent curiousity led me to pick this up. It was good and for only a dollar, however it was a different approach to tiramisu.


The chocolate, marscapone, and lady finger bottom soaked with espresso and a liquor are present. These are what you want in a tiramisu. there was one problem though that was a big gaping whole in this. And that simply is the fact that there was a mild, subtle, tart aftertaste at the finish and that finish was a lemon one.

Amanda explained to me that this was due to the tiramisu not being refrigerated while at the store that this lemon functioned as a presevative. I understand that. However, I cannot say I liked it. Next time we have this unique take on tiramisu we’ll have chilled it in the refrigerator prior to consumpiton. Frankly, I am a fan, but lemon does not belong in tiramisu. However for a dollar this is a a sweet dessert.

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