Jimbo’s Jumbo: A Pekin Tradition

Background: I have seen the commercials for a long time now. I’ve glanced by this restaurant’s Facebook page and my curiosity was piqued. This looks like delicious food, and now that I know Jimbo’s Jumbo I love their food and I’ll be back again. The pizza, wings, and cinnamon bread sticks are all high quality.

When my wife and I wanted to order out tonight while we did some house sitting/dog sitting I knew where I wanted my meal to be from and that place was Jimbo’s Jumbo. After a brief chat we placed our order: steak and alfredo pizza without the peppers, garlic wings, and lastly cinnamon bread sticks for dessert. After a brief drive I picked them up. The place was immaculate and the food was incredible. Let’s talk about the food now.


The pizza had onions, steak and a mozzarella-provolone blend that was out of this world. There was an ingredient on every bite and that’s what I look for in a pizza. The alfredo sauce was creamy and it made me want to try other pizzas of Jimbo’s Jumbo. This pizza featured a St. Louis style crust. It was thin and crispy! Their pizza is good and something to be proud of on their part!


These wings were Amanda’s favorite. I’m not really into wings, but these I found to be zingers that weren’t too spicy to where I could not eat them. While they had a bite they were still delicious to me. Also the chicken was well cooked. Their wings are oven seared. If you want chicken wings done well, Jimbo’s Jumbo has the know-how and the ability to make incredible wings.


The cinnamon bread sticks with their cinnamon dipping sauce was something that I treasured eating. This was a dessert that suited this meal. Try it. Tell them I sent ya.

Analysis: I’m aiming on trying some more of their food in the near future. I’m eager for a new culinary adventure.

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