Millstream’s Schild Brau Amber

Beer: Schild Brau Amber

Beer Style: Vienna Lager

Abv: 5.40%

Serving Method: Bottled poured into pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America, Amana, Iowa


Background: Amana beers are quality beers! If you’ve never had a Millstream beer from Amana, Iowa you’re missing out. Or you just don’t live within the distribution area. I’ve had most of their beers, and I was shocked I’ve never had one of their best beers and I was shocked I’ve never reviewed it on this blog.

Taste & Aroma: This is a Vienna Lager, so it is going to be toasty, malty, and its going to have a spicy finish. This beer does the same as the rest, but its flavors are brighter and that spicy finish is fuller than its peers. The scent is of biscuits, hay, and a bit of mineral character.

Final Analysis: This is one of the best Vienna Lagers. Watch out Sam Adams!!

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