Soul Coughing “Rolling” What I’m Listening to on 03/08/2017


I’m a fan of Mike Doughty’s music, and I’ve listened to some of his Soul Coughing era music when he was a part of that band. Some of it is pretty good music. This is a simple, yet catchy track.

This song makes me think about driving my first car down interstate highway going 75 mph or faster passing other cars with the top down.


Artist: Soul Coughing

Composers: Mark Degliantoni, Michael Doughty, Sebastian Steinberg, Yuval Gabay

Album: El Oso


“I’m rolling…
I’ve gotta get a new balm
I’ve gotta get a tight tension on
I’ve got to slip it up before the rush gets gone”


“I’m gonna bite into the body like the risk is no risk
I got the souped up car and what you call tripping on the boom bap etymological
I ride the fader and I ride it low”

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