Sprecher Root Beer, A Craft Soda worth trying!

I’m not really into soda. I stopped drinking it in high school and my waistline and my body thanked me for it.And cutting soda out was a big factor in that alongside the punishment I inflicted on my body through distance running. Looking back, I wish I would have started running and stopped drinking soda sooner, however that’s just how it is.

Beer is more of my ‘fun’ drink nowadays. However, I’ll have a soda now and then. I spied Sprecher Root Beer recently. I like Sprecher sodas, as they were a go-to back in the day. Now, I figured why not try it again and enjoy it for the great beverage it is. Afterall, this is a quality Wisconsin import.


Taste & Aroma: This root beer has flavors of honey, vanilla, burnt brown sugar, cinnamon, anise, and the finish is a good bite. The aroma is of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Final Analysis: This is a root beer with a strong and good flavor and it beats the high fructose corn syrup giants. I would chose a Sprecher Root Beer any day of the week if I wanted a soda.

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