Stone’s Petaskala Red IPA

Beer: Pataskala

Beer Style: Red IPA

Brewery: Stone Brewing Company


Serving: Bottle poured into dimpled pint

Country of Origin: United States of America


Background: You cannot beat a Stone Beer. This is a quality beer each time and every time. If you love bold beers and enjoy incredible experiences with beers, Stone is the one stop shop. Read about some of their other excellent beers here and here.

Stone has now been around for twenty years and they have a great product. Stone Brewing has every reason to be proud of their excellent beers.


Taste & Aroma: Pine and resin come through strongly in the nose. This is delightful and welcoming in a beer that is going to be bold considering its abv. A piney and floral opening flavor that fades into a biscuity malt with little to no bite is what’s going on. This is a surprisingly mellow beer for one with such a high ABV.

Final Analysis: This is a great IPA with character. I’m a fan of this beer and I suggest you check it out at the soonest opportunity.

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