What I’m Listening to 05/13/2017: Rod Stewart’s The Motown Song, With The Temptations

“The Motown Song”

Artist: Rod Stewart/The Temptations (1991)

Composer: Larry John McNally

Author’s Note: McNally’s version is obtainable in a google search. It was featured in the film Quicksilver (1986).

“Bring over some of your old Motown Records”

I first heard this underrated hit of Rod Stewart’s sung by an impersonator recently. I had never heard this song before. But, its rollicking tune captured my thoughts. The lyrics are feel-good and make me think of someone who has nostalgia on the brain.


Here is the official video:

“Gotta take chances, just do it, trust yourself.”

The video below features the song and displays some of those Motown Records.

The Temptations in the song are also featured in the video as they were a massive part of the Motown era! What better way to end this post than show this video.

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