Brennan On The Moor, What I’m Listening To on 03/16/2017



This is one of my favorite rollicking Irish ballads! This ballad dates from the 19th Century and immortalizes the Irish highwayman Willy Brennan who was criminally active during the Napleonic era. It is hard to pinpoint his exact capture and execution.This traditional ballad has been recorded by multiple artists and bands. I will feature some of these versions for you today.

“Its of a brave young highwayman a story we will tell.” The Clancy Brothers are the first entry into our catalog.

Here is another version of the song by Declan Nerney.

A version from Kelly Griner in B Minor graces us.

Ron Kavana and The Alias Acoustic Band provides a unique version with some alternative lyrics.

Pat Chessell provides an uptempo take of this classic.

Bruce Coughlan provides a meditative example of this Irish Classic. This is a fierce example of how a pub or rebel song should be.

This is first in several Irish rebel ballads I will showcase as it is St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.


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