Harp Lager, A Lager From the Guinness Breweries

Beer: Harp Lager

Beer Style: Pale Lager

Brewery: Guinness/Diageo

Abv: 5.00%

Serving method: Bottle poured into glass

Country of Origin: Ireland/Canada


Background: Harp Lager is not one of my favorite beers. However it is one of my wife’s. It is a rather plain jane beer with little bells or whistles. It can be a good beer to have on Saint Patrick’s Day as it is a readily available fizzy lager for those who want Irish Beer but don’t enjoy the wonder of stout or malty red beers like Killian’s.

Taste & Aroma: The flavor here is biscuity and reminiscent of crackers. The finish is a moist grassy one with a small tinge of honey. The aroma is bready and fruity, a trace of lemon can be wafted from the glass’s rim.


Final Analysis: This is not a bad beer. This isn’t my favorite either. This is a fine beer for those who want a smooth and easy drinking lager. Not the worst beer I’ve reviewed, but again far from the best. It is a macro lager to some craft beer folk, yet this beats the American light beer hands down!

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