Congratulations to My Friend Phil Kaveny Regarding Two Major Accomplishments so far in 2017!

Hello World,

My good friend Philip Edward Kaveny, Hugo Award Nominee, playwright, public intellectual, Tolkien scholar, writer, poet, and one of my closest friends has accomplished tremendous things this year in 2017. Check out his blog at! He has published his play: The Munitions Factory which is now available on in  kindle edition format. Purchase it here. You’ll see more information regarding it soon here and elsewhere.

The Munitions Factory is a play set amongst the chaos of the first world war. The characters struggle with life on the German homefront as the world as they know it is changing and their lives are being shaped by the new industrialized form of warfare. This is a play that is memorable, earthy, thought provoking, and captivating.


Phil has also lost a tremendous amount of weight. Here is some of his progress.


A play published and a substantial amount of weight lost! Good for you, Phil! I am proud to call you a close friend! Dear readers, please check out Phil’s work at his blog or seek out his play.

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