Hospitality Matters



I travelled a lot yesterday. I drove over four-hundred miles to reach my destination. And I was rollin along and a handful of times over the trip, I needed a break. Thankfully some of my favorite restaurants were along the way. I don’t want to name the restaurant this time, but it is an established American brand, and no it isn’t Fast food, it is casual, healthy dining.

This brand always serves consistent, clean, healthy food. But what was so nice was that at each location I was greeted by friendly faces with gusto! These people made this weary traveler seem right at home. After an eight hour drive I didn’t feel as tired as I thought I would be. I’m glad I stopped where I did.

Hoptiality matters. You never know who you will encounter who can use some hospitality. I certainly benefited from it. When are there times when you need some hospitality. It made my long day seem shorter.

When have you been wowed by hospitality?


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