Teacher’s Highland Cream, A High Quality Blended Scotch Whisky


Teacher’s Highland Cream

Abv: 43%

Scotch: Blended (45% Single Malt Content)

Age: Uncertain

Distillery: Ardmore

Background: This is a scotch whisky that I discovered at a wedding a long, long time ago. Now I have rediscovered it and oddly enough it was in a cabinet that I had not opened in ages. This is a whisky with good flavor and aroma for great value.


Taste & Aroma: Honey and vanilla are very clear in this whisky. A touch a peat is in there as well. The flavors are clear and simple in this dram. Honey and vanilla are present then smoke follows, and a peaty finish that lingers with tobbaco is the final note. This whisky tastes better than it smells.

Final Analysis: This is not my favorite whisky, however it is a good one. I’d recommend it if you are hurting for a good scotch that is simple and straightforward.


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