Tai Pei Orange Chicken A.K.A Orange Veggies


A microwavable meal is sometimes quality. Tai Pei does a decent job with their portfolio of meals. I reviewed the shrimp fried rice that I had recently offered by them and that was a solid meal. I would choose their shrimp fried rice over their Orange Chicken anytime. This wasn’t a bad meal though.


Aroma & Taste: This is a fragrant meal with the aroma of steamed veggies, orange glaze and some seasonings. All in all, the flavors matched the aroma well. There weren’t any suprises. The chicken itself though was barely breaded, and the glaze was good. However, my wife, Amanda said it best. This dish should have been named orange vegetables.

Poor serving: I counted only four pieces of chicken. This is a big disappointment. The shrimp fried rice was hands down better orchestrated than this. If you want good orange chicken, I suggest you choose your local Chinese restaurant instead of Tai Pei. This was a complete disappointment.  J.C. Denton would stick with his soy food.

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