Pabst Old Tankard Ale From A Can

Beer: Old Tankard Ale

Brewery: Pabst

Abv: 5.8%

Serving Method: Can poured into pilsner glass

Beer Style: ESB (Extra Special Bitter) Not Bitter, this is an Old English brewing term meaning balanced.

Errol Flynn would drink this with a sabre drawn. 

Background: ESBs are a beer style that don’t see a lot of air time in the United States. Nor do they really get featured on this blog often. I enjoy them though. An ESB is a good balanced beer with fruits and minerals.

Normally, I wouldn’t count on Pabst brewing a beer like this. They’re famous for PBR, the cult elixir of the hipster crowd. No, this ESB predates those folks. It is about flavor, not nasal piercings or crazy retro facial hair.

A retro recipe! Check this beer out if you want a trip down memory lane. Your grandpa or great grandpa may have sloshed this down. 

Taste & Aroma: This is a classic ESB. It is full of dark fruit aroma and flavor. My nose picks up dates and raisins, and just a hint of bread, possibly pumpernickel. This aroma is enticing, and it makes me want to try this elegant, yet affordable ale from the tap. The crisp start followed by plum, raisin, pineapple, and a lighter mineral finish makes this an ale worthwhile trying.

Perfect in a pilsner! 


Final Analysis: I want to try this on draught. This is delicious and it is worthwhile having again but from the keg. Check this out.


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