Pilsner Urquell, One of The Greatest Beers In History


Beer: Pilsner Urquell

Beer Style: Pilsner

Abv: 4.40%

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Serving Method: Can poured into pilsner glass

Background: The first time I had this beer it was from a glass bottle at a restaurant. And light had killed all of the yeast inside the beer. It tasted like skunk and smelled just as worse. I hated it.


I tried it again from the can, and I loved it. I promptly bought a twleve pack then, and ever since this has been one of my favorite beers. This is truly one of the greatest lagers ever made. The Czechs created pilsner beer, and this is a true pilsner. Long may this Bohemian Beer reign. 

Taste & Aroma: This elegant lager has a pleasant scent of hay, biscuits, crackers, and grass. This delicous beer has the flavors of biscuits, crackers, malt, and a spicy hop middle followed by a mellowing malty finish with a small bite. A chewy mouthfeel is present throughout consumption.


Final Analysis: This is one of the greatest beers ever to be brewed and one of my favorites. This lager was born in the Austrian Empire during the industrial revolution and it now refreshes the world in our age of technology and digital communication. If you have not tried Pilsner Urquell you have not tried the original pilsner from the city of Pilsen.


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