Dorothy’s New World Lager, A Refreshing Lager By Toppling Goliath

Beer: Dorothy’s New World Lager

Style: California Steam Beer

Abv: 5.50%

Serving Method: Can poured into pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America (Iowa)

Background: Toppling Goliath makes incredible beers, this is another that I’m finding enjoyable. It is named after the founder’s (or founders’, I have not researched the history of Toppling Goliath) grandmother. This is a simple, yet brilliant beer. If you enjoy non-pilsner lagers, you’ll find yourself right at home among Dorothy’s New World Lager!


Taste & Aroma: A biscuity, hay-like aroma awaits you. A bready and malty taste shines clear through my tastebuds from start to finish. This is a crisp, highly carbonated, refreshing lager that as I said is simple, but brilliant.


Final Analysis: This is a good beer for people who like non-pilsner lagers. I don’t see this being a go-to beer for me. However it could be one for you if this is your kind of beer.

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