Leftovers: Boneless Barbecue Chicken Thighs and a Knorr Rice Side


These boneless barbecue chicken thighs were a real delight. They spent nine hours in the slow cooker. The Knorr Rice side was a good compliment. Rice is excellent when it is prepared correctly and seasoned with gusto. This was done the right way as a savory and creamy flavor was present. Hints of pepper were there too and that complimented the sweet barbeque sauce on the fall apart chicken as well.

The chicken thighs spent nine hours in the slow cooker. They were falling apart and no knives were necessary. Only forks and eager taste buds which craved barbecue were required. I used to have a credential from the Kansas City Barbecue Society to be a barbecue competition judge. To earn that certification I was in class for most of a day. It was enjoyable, I savored all kinds of sauces. Carolina barbecue is a more vinegar derived sauce and that sauce is not common in the midwest. However, Amanda wanted to try something new and that’s how these beauties came to be.

The Carolina sauce added a good tang for clarity and had a sweet zing of a finish! Try a Carolina Sauce sometime.