Decommissioning, Retirement, & Good Riddance

For ten years or more a black couch did its duties in a number of capacities whether it be at a coffee shoppe or residential work. This piece of furniture can do both residential or commercial work. Unfortunately, this couch was getting old and we, its owners were getting tired of its literal flakiness. You’d think this pleather couch would visit a furniture dermatologist to end its dandruff-like condition. No this couch leper was weeping its black scales all over the floors of our home.

The gray is where the flakes came from.

And the little hound, Phoebe, still a puppy loved to eat those flakes. This omnivore of a dog will eat anything. Wood, paper, cloth, and other items are nothing but gravy to her, and the pepper for that gravy of Phoebe’s were those black flakes. I hated getting those flakes, and so our hate for the black couch grew to a high water mark over last year. If Rilles, the houndsman from Paul of Pinningdale were here he’d likely hack that old black couch with his blade into chop suey.

Thankfully, an opportunity for a better quality couch with a sturdier structure was in our grasp and for fifty dollars we acquired a new couch.  This leather, not pleather couch is brown in color, and also it is recliner capable. It is a good chair for writing too. I’m looking forward to penning some of my next projects in it.


The new couch came in yesterday and the hardest part of our day was getting out the old couch. The old couch was hoisted and heaved out of our home’s back door into its road to perdition towards my Dad’s pickup truck by four people: My wife, my brother, my Dad, and me. When we lifted it into the truck and we drove for ten minutes to the city dump where this couch would await its destruction. We set it by a dumpster where it began serving its sentence in the jaws of oblivion. Good riddance, old couch.


The new couch feels good, it doesn’t flake, it does its duties well. The recliner function is a nice perk too. I think I’m going to like this new couch for a long, long time, and it is not going to flake anytime soon.






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