Medici’s Margherita Pizza


I love pizza. And I love Medici in Normal, IL. Medici is a restaurant with some significance to my wife and I. We ate there prior to my asking for her hand in marriage. Medici is a place for great food and aesthetic beauty. The restaurant’s exterior and interior are both gorgeous to look at. Check out their Facebook page here. 

Medici’s menu is full of incredible things from steaks to seafood. The beer list is extensive and the cocktail offerings are delicious! My favorite though is likely going to have to be their pizza. The stone crust they have is not too thin and not too thick. The ingredients are fresh too and this is evident regarding their Margherita Pizza.

The fresh mozzarella, light and sweet marinara, fresh basil, and the bright cherry tomatoes make this a meal worth having. It is even better on its second day. As we had some leftovers today. The seasonings were even better this time around. This is pizza how it should be. I recommend Medici in Normal if you are in the area and you need a more authentic pizza experience and a good craft beer to go with it.





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