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An incredible story! I’m proud to know him. #eetenforsheriff #MikeEeten

Eeten for Sheriff

Anyone who knows me would have a hard time believing that I was an EXTREMELY shy boy when I was younger. I was so shy that I could not talk to people. I would feel sick to my stomach if someone approached me and talked with me, or I had to speak with them. I was fine once I got to know them, but making that first step was hard for me. The thought of public speaking scared me to death!


When I was 16, I became a radio announcer at WCIC 91.5FM. Being a radio announcer was great because I was able to talk with thousands of people and it was just me in the room and a microphone. As I gained more and more experience as a radio announcer, I started making public appearances for the station and becoming more comfortable.


As time went on, I became a…

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