Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim, Dated But Good

Fans of role-playing games know that Elder Scrolls is a synomynm for great electronic role-playing games. Elder Scrolls III and IV are definitely the best in this series. Frankly, the game known as Skyrim has lost its luster faster than you can say Jack Robinson after being out now since 2011. I can say nothing but positive things about its predecessor Oblivion. 

An excellent atmosphere awaits the player and challenging quests and struggles are in abundance in the Imperial Province of Cyrodil. Uriel Septim, the last Emperor of Tamriel under the Septim dynasty voiced by Patrick Stewart welcomes the player into a world of intrigue, beauty, and warfare.

What made Oblivion worthwile checking out to me was the main questline and the Dark Brotherhood questline. Both are enjoyable however, the rewards in the main questline are as minuscule as Skyrim’s.

Dark Brotherhood Questline: This is perfect for stealth characters and I typically play those. At first you’ll undertake basic assassination assignments throughout Cyrodil. As you progress through this faction you will learn that the Dark Brotherhood is not in good shape. A traitor is in their midst.

You’ll operate under the radar against the tratitor and you’ll uncover their idendtiity eventually. Espionage, dead drops, secret passages, and surveillance will come into play in this quest line. This is one of the few games to feature such plot devices. Check out the Dark Brotherhood Questline if you have not, as you’ll find it far more entertaining than the mundane arena and fighter’s guild questlines and the dull early thieves guild tasks.

Main Quest: This is full of combat, intrigue, espionage and definitely is an epic tale reminiscent of Tolkien or Lewis. The player will find the hidden heir apparent to the Empire of Tamriel and then battle a fanatical cult, and in turn do what Uriel Septim told them to do and that was “Close Shut The Jaws of Oblivion.”20160709163759_120160709163802_120160709163814_120160709163944_120170402225933_120170402230919_120170402231159_120170402231308_120170402231631_120170402232046_120170402232455_1

Conclusion: Although this game is eleven years old it is still worthwhile playing. You may find it to be a refreshing play over Skyrim.

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