Amana Private Blend Loves A French Press


Amana Private Blend is available for purchase at the Amana General Store and other retail outlets within Amana, Iowa and the neighboring colonies. When I was searching for a delicious coffee I found one in three of Amana’s Coffees. The first is the Amana Private Blend. This is a medium roast coffee with plenty of character.

Upon the first sip you pick up a earthiness and dark fruit undertones. The finish is a lingering one with plenty of cedar notes. The drink has an excellent flavor and the aroma is pleasant too. You’ll think you are in a pine and cedar forest while enjoying this excellent beverage. This coffee loves the French press. I would try it in my drip coffee maker too, but that is out of service at the moment, and it is likely going to be out of service for a long time.

This is the first of three Amana coffees I’ll be writing about.


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