White Cross Cellars’ Chateau Blanc


White Cross Cellars is based out of Amana, Iowa. They are a more recent vinter in town and they are an outlier. They sell European style grape and some fruit wines. The vinyards are in Swisher, Iowa. Whereas, their visitor center and store is located in Amana not too far from the Millstream Brewery.

Good reds and good white wine along with a port that is unforgettable are some of my favorite things out of White Cross Cellars. My favorite wine in their selection of whites is the dry Chateau Blanc that is oaky, lemony, and delicate in its flavor. Its oily mouthfeel would make it feel incredible. The aroma is one of oak and citrus.


This is a wine that is rather enjoyable if you don’t like white wines. I used to not like them, but White Cross Cellars’ Chateau Blanc really has my mind opened and my taste buds more willing to savor a white wine with my wife.


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