Thanks To You/What’s Next

I hope that all of you have been well. Things are pretty good over here. We had a pleasant Easter holiday. In some cases it could have been better, but we’ll take what we can get for now. Most importantly things have been moving in the right direction: mostly.


Some beer reviews and game reviews are around the corner. Some of the games range from classics to indie games. One I even voice acted in, and that is Neofeud which you can buy on this site: Neofeud is a fun, point and click adventure that resembles the classic works of LucasArts when they brought us the Monkey Island games.


I also have reached the third draft on my current manuscript. Jade’s Dish is a spirtual successor to Thuringer: The Officer (2013). Jade’s Dish is about a private investigator teaming up with a food truck chef to complete a worker’s compensation investigation that quickly becomes a manner of intergalactic security. I started writing this book in October of last year and I finished the first draft in December. Hopefully, I can get this published in June or July of this year. I’ll be publishing excerpts upon occasion.

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten Ireton: Derailed. I have not forgotten that manuscript, however I determined that it was not ready. Instead, I’m devoting my time to crafting and publishing Jade’s Dish. The former of the two will be published eventually, but it needs to be rewritten in the first person narrative.

I thank all for reading this blog, liking, and commenting on my work. For a 1 year and three month old blog, this has been a lot of fun. I’m eager to continue this journey with you and again thanks for reading and being a part of this catalog or general interest magazine that I began last year.


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