White Cross Cellars Knight’s Red

I reviewed one of White Cross Cellars’s other wines earlier this month. They’ve got a good thing going on with their Chateau Blanc. There’s a wine I can recommend without any reservation, and I’m not really a white wine kind of guy. Reds are my favorite, first and foremost, however Chateau Blanc is perfect for me.

On the subject of Reds the Knight’s Red by White Cross Cellars is a great red wine with character. Knight’s Red is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and special Midwestern grapes. Its cross-section of European and American varietals gives it a noble mien as it is a mosaic of culture, aroma, and flavor. If you did not know it was an Iowan wine, you may suspect it of being French or Californian. The plum aroma draws you in towards its excellent flavors.


A smoky, woody opening taste is clear and present after letting the wine breath. This is followed by some pepper notes. A dry tobacco finish is present with some woody undertones. This is no oak bomb. This is quality. I’m a big fan of Knight’s Red. If you haven’t checked out White Cross Cellars yet check out their Facebook page here.

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