This Is The Police (Corrupt Police Chief Simulator)

headerGame: This Is The Police

Developer: Weappy Studio

Publisher: Nordic Games/ Euro Video Medien

Purchased at

This is one of the most dissapointing games, I’ve played in a while. Instead, of This Is The Police, the game should be retitled corrupt police chief simulator. I don’t know if they meant this to be a comedy or not, but I just lost patience with the game and stopped playing after I started a new game. Frankly, if you want a better European made game play Orwell.

The Good: This is a game about law enforcement. Not many games are made about law enforcement. This is certainly the case when it comes to the administrative functions of a municipal police department. The political aspects are evident.

The Bad: This game is repetitive and the story is told poorly in silly cutscenes, that I decided to skip over due to their cliche nature. The requirement to do the work of the mafia to really succeed at the game was disheartening and at a time when the image of the badge is tarnished, I think it was distasteful. I can’t say I liked this game at all. Especially when the tutorial bores you for the first four hours.

Final Analysis: Play something else.


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