Edy’s Has A Unique Take on Mint Chocolate Ice Cream


I adore Mint Chocolate ice cream. Now, typically it is called Mint Chocolate Chip. At first I thought this was just a misnomer, but I discovered that this is highly intentional by Edy’s this is one of the best Mint Chocolate ice creams I’ve had. It has the aroma but the flavor is quite different than most ice creams in this flavor category. I am impressed.

The mint ice cream itself is lush, the mint is bright, airy, and refreshing. It has a cooling effect alongside the chill of the ice cream. The chocolate isn’t chipped, no these are chocolate cookie chunks. Think of an oreo. These crushed chocolate cookies provide an earthier chocolate experience for the consumer. Overall, this is an exceptional treat. If you want a new take on mint chocolate ice cream this is a great effort by Edy’s


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