Fresh As Helles From Sam Adams, A Lager Brewed With Orange Blossoms

Beer: Fresh As Helles

Beer Style: Helles Lager

Brewery: Sam Adams

Country of Origin: United States of America

Abv: 5.40%

Serving Method: Bottle Poured into Pint Glass

Background: I wasn’t looking to buy this beer. The one I was after was not on the shelf, and we wanted something Orange. I’m talking about my wife and I. I try to refrain from using the royal ‘we.’ After I searched two liquor stores, I played craps at the grocery store. No dice. Sam Adams has decent beer.


Let’s give it a whirl.

Taste & Aroma: I can faintly smell orange juice along with some biscuit notes. Nothing special here, but let’s see if the taste makes this worthwhile. This is a crackery beer with an orange juice middle and a malty finish with some spicy hop bite at the end. This beer is more complex than I thought it would be. The orange juice flavor is not as good as some other orange ‘type’ beers that I have had in the past.

Final Analysis: This is a fine beer. If you enjoy Sam Adams products you make like this more. However, this is not really my cup of tea entirely..

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