Bourbon Grasshopper Shakes

So with my wife’s help our Ninja Blender was discovered. I’m glad to see it. The Ninja is one of the best blenders ever made and it makes the one from my childhood seem like a mere shadow under its outstretched wings. The Ninja’s speed coupled with its blades works wonders on many products and ingredients to aid in a culinary adventure be it food processing for the wonder you are about to make in the kitchen. Or if it is blending a beverage from energy drinks to cocktails!

The Ninja is certainly a versatile tool and it was handy in making these Grasshopper milkshakes. The only ingredients you need are bourbon, and mint chocolate chip Ice Cream. No need for creme de menthe or creme de cacao in this version. The ice cream does that work for us. The best candidate for your ice cream choice is the Edy’s Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream I featured earlier this month.


Here is the recipe to make a good sized serving for two.

Four large scoops: Edy’s Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

One large chunk of ice

Four shots of Jim Beam or any middle shelf bourbon whiskey.  You can use two if you don’t like yours that strong.

Note: If you’d like a thinner beverage use a splash or two of milk

After a good three minutes of blending you have a refreshing and cooling mint chocolate shake with the smooth and oaky elegance of bourbon.


Give this a try and tell me what you think!

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