Mocafe Frappe Iced Coffee Blend + Gevalia Costa Rica Blend


MOCAFE Frappes have some incredible flavors. I decided to take their original and make it in my Ninja Blender with some French press brewed Gevalia Coffee. And I’m excited to brew it up. I used Gevalia’s Costa Rica Coarse Ground Blend in my French press.


The gnarly blades of the Ninja are on standby, waiting in the wings.

After ten minutes of French press work, I put five scoops of the MoCafe mix and then poured in the coffee. I added ice and a few splashes of milk. Then I blended.


The beverage itself has an excellent flavor and aroma! The aroma is of milk chocolate. I detected cinnamon, cocoa,, and earthy coffee flavors present. The Gevalia Coffee plays very well with the Mocafe iced coffee. I’m a big fan of this and I can’t wait to try other iced coffee/frappe mixes in my Ninja Blender. Thanks for joining me on this caffeinated journey.

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