Where Have I Been? I’ve Been Editing

Dear Readers,

So, one of my best pals asked me if I was blogging today. I said yes. He then informed me that it had been a full week since I last posted. That is the longest stretch apparently ever between posts. And he’s right.


The red pen in the image should give it away that I have been editing. I’m now on page 150 of a 335 page manuscript. I’m nearing the fifth draft and I hope by draft six or seven that I’m able to release my upcoming novel Jade’s Dish to the world. It is a science-fiction piece set in the universe of Thuringer: The Officer. This is a spiritual successor to my first novel, and Martin Thuringer is featured.


Don’t worry. I’m not leaving you, I’ve just been busy doing other things. Expect some new content on here shortly.


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