A Wonderful Two Course Meal For A Rainy Day

The rainfall is torrential outside right now. The food is good and is making us happily forget this.


No complaints regarding that. Rain is not a fun business always. Our meal’s first course was an baked open faced sirloin sandwich. Horseradish sauce dressed it with Pico de Gallo, and smoked Gouda. This was a tangy and savory sandwich. The horseradish sauce provided a tame, yet stingy bite. The earthy smoked Gouda was an excellent finish to the first course.

The second course was made up of marinaded oven-baked chicken drumsticks


The marinade was composed of cumin, brown sugar, ranch seasoning, pepper, smoked paprika, McCormick original chicken seasoning. A special truffle infused olive oil with a champagne infused balsamic vinegar from The Twisted Olive in Naperville, Illinois was incorporated as well! These chicken drumsticks were marinaded for a half hour. They were falling off the bone and I did not really need my fork. I could use my hands!

The chicken was both sweet and savory. The flavors didn’t duel! They played off of each other in a yin-yang relationship of a sweet beginning and a savory finish. This was a delicious meal that was well worthwhile! Amanda did a great job of keeping us nourished during foul weather!


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