Furious IPA, Not an IPA, But Excellent!

Beer: Furious IPA

Brewery: Surly

Beer Style: India Pale Ale

Abv: 6.70%

Country of Origin: United States of America (Minnesota)

Serving Method: 16oz can poured into shaker pint


Background: This is the first beer I have had by Surly Brewing. They’re finally distributing in downstate Illinois and I’m eager to get a taste of this amazing beer and compare it to others that I’ve had. It pours a lovely amber color and the can alludes to it being an imperial red ale. I’m wondering if it is like Two Brothers’s Revelry Imperial Red. We’re going to find out.

Taste & Aroma: I can smell piney tree sap, a hint of molasses, and just a bit of bready malt. This is setting the stage for a real ale I believe. There’s some hop bite, biscuity malt, and a spicy and bready finish. This is a smooth drinking beer that I’m willing to say this is not an IPA. It is more so just a stronger amber ale. Think of Killian’s with a lot more flavor.


Final Analysis: This is a smooth, malty, and spicy beer with a good abv behind it. If you are looking for a good red beer and want something different don’t let the IPA label fool you. This is a red beer that was miss-cataloged for some reason. Should I ever meet a brewer from Surly I’ll have to ask. Despite the misnomer it is an excellent ale!


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