Firestone Walker Easy Jack IPA

Beer: Easy Jack IPA

Brewery: Firestone Walker

Abv: 4.50%

Country of Origin: United States of America

Beer Style: IPA

Serving Method: Can poured into glass

Background: I just finished my review of my current manuscript: Jade’s Dish. Stay tuned for more details. Currently, I’m celebrating with an Easy Jack IPA by Firestone Walker. I figured I’d share the love over cyberspace. Firestone Walker makes incredible beer.


Taste & Aroma: The aroma here is light and airy! This is a Bud Light amongst many IPAs, a session IPA. The mild aroma yields a faint scent of pineapples. The flavors are mild as well. Orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and a crisp, biscuity bite. This is a simple, yet elegant beer. I recommend.


Final Analysis: This is a delicious beer and it is good for a celebration. It resembles a champagne with all of its fruity notes. Napoleon I’s troops called Weissbier (Hefeweizen) the champagne of the north. I would call this the champagne of Firestone Walker on America’s West Coast.

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