Red Moon Bao Chinese Style Pork Buns


If you have followed this blog long enough, you know I enjoy dumplings and meat pies. Pork buns are a rariety in my region as I’m in downstate Illinois. Potstickers are commonplace, again pork buns are not. These Red Moon brand pork buns are brilliant, savory treats. If you don’t have a China Town near you or any authentic Chinese restaurants this is the next best thing.


The buns themselves are easy to prepare. A paper towel is used to create a steaming effect! When you pull them out of the microwave they are soft, hot, and ready to eat after either twenty seconds for one bun or a whole minute for three buns.


The inside of the bun features the pork in a rich and savory sauce, an onion enhances the flavor and aroma. This is a delicious pork bun that in many ways is just as good or it beats the China Town varietals I have had. If you see Red Moon Bao anywhere, check it out? I’d tell you to tell them I sent you, but that wouldn’t make any difference.

4 thoughts on “Red Moon Bao Chinese Style Pork Buns

  1. I know your post was from over three years ago. We really enjoyed these pork buns, they’re really excellent for a frozen “must have a pork bun now” food, but I’ve never seen them anywhere but Costco which is no longer carrying them. Did you find them anywhere else?


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