What I’m Listening To on 05/18/2017 Soundgarden: The Day I Tried To Live

Artist: Soundgarden

Album: Superunknown (1994)

Composer: Chris Cornell

1994 A&M records

“Seize The Day, Pull the trigger, Drop the blade”

Today no more than thirty minutes after I woke up I discovered that one of my favorite singer-songwriters was found dead. Chris Cornell was a versatile musician famous for his abstract prose, masterful guitar playing, and his incredible ability to adapt to different musical styles ranging from grunge to the psychedelic.

“The Day I tried to Live, I wallowed in the mud with all the other pigs…”

Chris Cornell in this decade

This video is from Chris’s final concert yesterday, 05/17/2017.



Chris Cornell in his early Soundgarden days

Rest in Peace, Chris.



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