Three Reasons+A Bonus One To Buy Neofeud




This year, Neofeud by Silver Spook Games was released. This Indie Game is in the style of LucasArts point and click adventure games. This game was fearfully and lovingly made by Silver Spook (Christian Miller), a up and coming master game developer. He created a world for the game that could be a future world and it features dystopian and cyberpunk elements that fans of Fallout and DeusEx would embrace quickly.

You can buy Neofeud here at

Okay? What’s that? Why should I buy this? Oh! Its an indie game. That’s not enough you say? Well, here are three reasons, plus another for you to enjoy Neofeud.


Reason Number One: It is an immersive single-player cyberpunk game! Immersive games are hard to find these days anymore. The AAA studios seem to be more concerned with how to hemorrhage your bank account through micro transactions than they are about getting you lost in a world of of stories, choice, and conflict.

You’ll guide the player character through investigations, combat, and bodily repair. You’ll also deal with navigating an overly-bureaucratized world with little love and no warmth. Echoes of William Gibson and HR Geiger have been proclaimed by those who have already completed the game.

Reason Number Two:  Its excellent pricing! Fifteen dollars on is an excellent price. You are getting ten to twelve hours of gameplay and you are supporting a masterfully made indie game.


Reason Number Three: It is a game for gamers by a gamer! The developer, Christian Miller has been a gamer for many years! He has modded for Half-Life, DeusEx, and other titles. He knows what makes a quality game, and he can deliver! You won’t find that from the big studios.


BONUS REASON: The Music & Voice Acting! Original music, voice acting that is high quality. Some lines were delivered by moi! If you want an indie game that will give you the fix of science-fiction and cyberpunk you crave, you need to buy Neofeud. Tell them General Walter Coch-Jobbs sent you!



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